as we saddled the horse and took a ride to the playground, it began to snow. little flakes settled down on our noses.
suddenly it began to snow heavily. we had to get to the underground really quick, because the horse does not like heavy snowing. that wasn't easy at all.
the horse went really mad in front of all the people, who kept watching and laughing at us...
the horse-ticket did cost a lot, too.
we did make it, but in the end we had to leave the horse in the train. it didn't want to run through the whole procedure again.
that we understood. but chr couldn't stop thinking about our horse and how it might handle the situation all by itself. its very old, its eyes are bad
and it is very likely, the horse will not be able to read the menue when its time to eat.
with his mind far away, chr hurt himself during a game of tabletennis.
we heard, the winter in berlin is one of the toughest. some of us agree.